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All Hallows Eve

Halloween and Day of the Dead in the 'Port

Hi from the land of ghosts and goblins (or should I say princesses and super heros?) 😉 Yesterday I saw some pretty sweet costumes including a couple of huge dinosaurs, a lot of pirates and a really good Dwight Shrute from The Office. I had a fun time from the porch of a friend who lives on one of the busiest & trick-or-treatiest streets in Newburyport. They had a spider hung from a tree with a fishing line, and they'd lower it when people walked by. Hilarious!

It's the Day of the Dead today and I like to honor my loved ones that are deceased today. I put out pictures and things that they like on a credenza with pretty flowers, candles and something to drink. Then I like to tell my children my stories about them. It makes me happy to think that their memories are being passed on to my children. I keep albums and make scrapbooks too. What do you do to celebrate this dark, mysterious time of year?

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