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Updated: Apr 10, 2023

I love to paint flowers. They are colorful, varied, and they sit still. ☺️ I think that there is so much that you can say with flowers. I have a book called "The Language of Flowers by Kate Greenaway" that I was given in 1979. Being the sentimental creature that I am, I kept it, and used it for a series of small flower paintings called "Hanokataba" (meaning language of flowers in Japanese). A rose means love, a lily means purity - but if you really look into it more the meanings differ by the color of the flower. 🌺 I like to keep it simple though.

Simple things sometimes say the most, don't they? I would want to live in a world without flowers, which is why I plant flowers that attract bees. I love to garden in my flower bed, look at the riot of colors and figure out what looks best next to what. It's like painting! Here's my latest flower painting which I made at a greenhouse.

I hope to paint more flowers soon including bridal bouquets. Painted flowers never wilt! And don't forget, buy a painting by Valentine's Day and you get an essential oil in a pretty glass bottle, and organza bag that I made to symbolize love, peace, protect and cheer. The scents will please you and the painting will never fade. 😁🧡💕 Buy in person please to get it by Valentine's Day.

On a separate note, "The Queen of Wands" is heading home with me today. If you'd like it please let me know. It symbolizes so much to me personally, and means the following according to Wikipedia.

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