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Glad Midsommar!

So looking forward to this weekend. We celebrate Midsummer's Eve and this year we decided to combine our family's celebration with our daughter's graduation from highschool. It is a lovely time of good food, song and usually craziness. 😊 The next day is Midsummer Day and I'll be at SAC Athletic Club in Shrewsbury at the Swedish Midsummer Festival selling art and treasures. I hope that you can come!

We had a nice class yesterday with some people on zoom and others in person painting folk art flowers. I will definitely be adding more classes to the lineup so please let me know if you are interested. That's it for now. Please try to add some downtime into your day, whether it's a visit with a friend or painting a simple design, we all need to relax and hope that I can find the time to do that too soon!! 😉😃 Have a great night. Check out art for sale here: as well as on my website

Thanks! Tack! 🤗 Tina


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