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Happy Summah!

Hi! Happy Summer! I am proud to be the visiting artist this month at The Little Compton Community Center in beautiful Little Compton, RI. It's my happy place and I am certainly very happy to be sharing my art with everyone there, as well as friends and family. It looks wonderful too!

I decided to include three large tarot card paintings: The World, Chariots, and Queens of Wands. Each one depicts a piece of my artistic journey and includes a new technique that I've wanted to try, as well as a personal message. These multimedia pieces were a challenge to myself on many levels. I wanted to push myself and try something new, and I wanted to manifest being a fulltime artist making art of which I was proud.

I am proud of these three because they stretched my boundaries. I used the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck as the basis of my paintings which challenged me to use new color choices. I liked adding my own resin and spray paints to the mix. Gold leaf and sparkly paint was a great new find. I worked larger than usual which was also something new. I hope that you like them too.

I'm also am showing my "The Happy Visit" for the first time in Rhode Island. This piece is very meaningful to me as it depicts another dream manifested for a friend. I am very glad to say that she beat cancer, and that we saw one another for the first time this week since she is in remission. She looks beautiful and I am just so happy and relieved. The painting was my way of putting good vibes and happy thoughts into the world to help in my little way. I couldn't help fight her fight but I was in her corner all the way. It's a fun painting set in my old studio and I am happy to let it find a new home now that my sincere wish has come true! There's lots of love in these paintings and my landscapes. Hope you find something to love there too. The address is 34 Commons St, Little Compton RI and they are open Monday - Friday from 10 - 3PM.

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David Woodger
David Woodger
Jul 10, 2023

Beautiful floral painting, Tina!

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