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New florals for Spring!

I will be bringing these beauties to the Salisbury Art Stroll on 4/24 but I thoughts I'd share them with you first. I unveiled them at a private party at my studio where I explained the process which was a new one for me, and very fun. Basically I challenged myself by painting the backgrounds first and then working the florals onto them and changing colors as I went.

This style was partially evident in "Bouquet on Purple" (the last one) although it was an earlier piece in oil. I felt it went with these other four because of it's vibrant backdrop and playfulness. I loved working with these pieces and added different textures, gloss and elements of metallic in them.

The next paintings that evolved from this were 'Orchid Love' (sold) and 'Don't Forget the Lime'. I used the same approach but lighter colors and I painted them at a nearby garden center. I am happy to announce that they were both accepted into The Purposeful Mayonnaise's (TPM) juried show.

These darker ones that I call "Florals with a Twist" are near to my heart and still available. Now on Wix too! Come see them, and me, at the show on Sunday, 4/24 at Pettengill Farm in Salisbury MA. Thanks! You can also buy them on the shop if you'd like. 😊

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