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Thank you to my private lesson student!

I've been honored to give private lesson to this 8 year old artist this year (here with his proud little brother). I look forward to our exhilarating Thursdays! Together we've painted exploring different medium, made a fairy grotto, played with clay, made several paintings, and a multimedia owl. We've read about Klimt, Matisse and Monet. I've enjoyed getting to know him better and hope that I'm been helpful to him in achieving the goals that he set out for himself. Every artist needs a champion. His family is amazing and very creative, I've no worries for him at all. I'm just glad that I've been able to be part of the process. Art is a valuable way for young people to express themselves and a natural outlet. It's so fun too!

We have so much fun!

"Art is a line around your thoughts" -Gustaf Klimt

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