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Warm memories

Memories of the beauty of growing up on the shore started to emerge this week as I worked in a new piece for a collector. During the school year, until I was 13, we lived in Pittsburgh. At the start of the summer my father and mother packed up the Volvo and drove us to RI to stay at our summer cabin. (My mother is Swedish so of course we had to have a Volvo!)!

My sister and I explored the shore, picked flowers, biked to the beach and tried to learn the obligatory skills as deemed by the summer community; such as sailing, golf and tennis, to varying degrees of success. 😉 Many of these things, like long summer days on the beach, the smell of honeysuckle and looking carefully at shells, come through in my memories and my art.

I hope that this piece will bring my collector much joy while she looks at this piece called "Let's Go Bluffing"! It's all about "the bluff" on this beach, a massive stone outcrop in pinkish granite that has three diving boards and a place to watch those brave enough to jump off, like our courageous daughter shown here! Those summer days... Can't wait for them to return! If you look at the painting you can feel the warmth. 😊 Thank you so much to my wonderful collector who has become a friend for asking me to paint this beautiful place. 💛

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