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Hello and welcome to my new subscribers! I'm happy to say that I'm feeling rested after a nice vacation in Sweden with my mother. It's so fun to be traveling again and to see my family was wonderful. These works are fresh, and hot off the press! I hope that you feel the happy vibes emanating from each of them. I'm really excited to present them.

The first painting was inspired by my trip. Doesn't it just make you want to jump into that water? That's what people were doing while we were there and it looked cold! The little houses in the back are colorful beach huts. The Swedes use them to dry off and keep their beach paraphernalia. Plus have fika (coffee) of course! It's 18" x 24" costing $650. Let me know if you'd like a little slice of Swedish heaven on your walls!

This next painting was developed "en plein air" in a garden in Newbury, MA. It was an absolutely stunning day. I hope that when you look at it that you can almost feel the sun on your shoulders, hear the buzzing bees and see the flowers in front of the greenhouse in all their glory. There are lupine there and something orange that I'm not sure of but I'll find out. A root cellar with a very cool roof is off to the left. This piece is 10 x 20", costing $350. It's a wonderful summery piece that would make any room zing!

There's so much going on too including Art in the Garden Tour in West Newbury on June 18, Midsummer Magic painting Kurbits at the Museum of Old Newbury on June 25 and the Artisan Market in June 26 in Wrentham. If you'd like more information on any of these please let me know. Good thing I'm rested and ready to go!

Thank you for reading 💙💛 Välkommen

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