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Heart Felt Art

"Congratulations Tina! Your paintings are spectacular and speak joy, love, and peace and tranquility. Bravo!" - Joanna (At Creative Connections artist reception)

Thank you to everyone who came to my art show "Creative Connections: Contemporary Art" and for all your kind comments in the guest book. I'm so glad that you liked it. It was a lot of work, but I loved every minute of it and I hope that you will remember me when you want a painting. 

Color, movement and joy seems to sum up my work. I love being outside in nature and capturing that moment. Mythology excites me as does painting portraiture. Lovely landscapes move me and capturing the right color combination to make something leap off the page is the goal.

Please click artwork archive to buy a beautiful piece of art online, visit my studio at 14 Cedar St #319B in Amesbury, or see my shop. I will bring my art to your home too.


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Prints can be bought here too by emailing me, take a look here! And at the shop you can buy smaller pieces, lessons, gift cards and more.  I love sharing my art with people so don't hesitate to ask, or reach out if you'd like a commission. Thank you! Have a colorful day. 978-395-5567

Tina at The Start 2 Art Studio, 14 Cedar St, Amesbury MA Studio #319B (by appointment please)

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Happy New Year! 2023!

Lonely tree on top of hill with canola field in forground Sweden.jpg
Dala Horse.jpg


I'm happy that you're here, I hope that you like my art and that we can stay in touch. Please subscribe below so you get all the news! I launched a website for my Swedish art and classes so if you're interested in "kurbits" please click "new site" and you want to keep in touch here please subscribe below and "lets keep in touch"!

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