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Outdoor Night Event


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding or big event! I'm Tina and I'd love to help you make your wedding even more special by painting it. Please be in touch if you'd like to know more about this great new trend that is so meaningful and fun for your guests!





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Why get a painting of your big day? Paintings have souls, and in addition to having a custom piece of art to cherish, it's an once-in-a-lifetime experience to enjoy with your guests. I set up the painting before hand, work on it at the event on an easel for all to see, and finish it up at my studio. You can add precious family members who may not be able to be there, make sure that your hair is perfect. I can even coordinate it with your home's décor. I provide all kinds of special attention to your painting and pour my heart into it. I hope that you will meet with me to discuss, the first meeting is free. Write me please!

A painting of the happy couple, a corporate event, your family's picnic - any special moment can be immortalized on canvas with a painter's loving eye - to commemorate the most pivotal moments in your life. Tina Rawson is an award-winning artist who specializes in art with a heart. She adds her special process to acrylics that make them glow like oils, and works with cheerful colors that will uplift you. She will go to the site (or view professional pictures of the site if its too far), paint the backdrop you require, and go back on the date of the big event with the painting, and all supplies. She will then paint at your event which provides excellent entertainment for the guests who love to see a painting unfold! The fee covers travel within New England, insurance and the hours spent at the event setting up, painting, cleaning up and taking photos. Your beautiful painting in Tina's style will be delivered to you within two weeks after the event to allow time for studio time touch-ups, and varnishing. It's an amazing gift to you, your guests and your family or business ready to display forever. Artistic commissions without the live event are also available, please ask for a quote if that's what you prefer. Painted bouquets or couple portraits are a popular gift for any couple, and are less expensive but have a longer turnaround time of 4 weeks. Live Event Painting! A fun way to capture the joy. And we do Art Parties for your tribe too at my studio or a favorite spot! Prices are available based on the size of painting, or size of group. And as always the first meeting is free, so why not find out more? Fill out the form below. Thank you, it is my honor to attend your big day and create a keepsake that you will cherish. For more information on live painting, please see this article

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