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My first artist residency will be in Darimiscotta at Inn Along the Way went well! This is what I taught while I was there, and held a presentation. I made a "bonad" too, and I'll teach you how to do one as well. Hang tight, hopefully it will be 9/23!

"Swedish Art Workshop & Presentation Tina will show you how to make a basic kurbits scroll, the key element of Swedish Folk Art from the 1700's, and tell you how it came to be so important. Kurbits is a Swedish folk art style, it is characterized by colorful and elaborate paintings of plants, animals, and landscapes, as well as depictions of everyday life and scenes from the bible. She will share the history of Swedish kurbits with all its twists and turns! At Inn Along the Way 741 Main St. Damariscotta TINA RAWSON Wednesday - August 23 Contemporary Impressionist Painter 10:00-11:30 Swedish Folk Art Art Class 1:00-2:00 Kurbits Presentation Please Call (207) 682-0118 to RSVP"

Classes at 14 Cedar St, Amesbury MA

I held three Swedish Folk Art classes this spring at Cedar Street studios and I'd love to give more. I'm going to offer more group classes this fall and this summer I'm available to teach private lessons and groups. 

For more information on my Swedish Folk Art Classes please see my new website which gives you the deets:

Tack! Tina

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