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Midsummer Madness and More

In Sweden Midsummer is one of the most fun and relaxed holidays of the year. It's all about singing, eating, dancing, hanging out with friends, and making flower crowns. (Check out the series Midsummers Eve on Netflix for a peek.) Come have fun with us! 🖼️🩷🌸

I've held Swedish Midsummer parties for my friends and this year I wanted to bring the fun to you, but with a twist. At the Midsummer Art Retreat and Summer Solstice Celebration we are also going to make art which is going to up level Midsummer at Adelynrood on June 15! 🩷

This is Adelynrood's entrance. It's huge! On June 1st come to their Open House at noon. I'll be there from 12 - 2pm to paint and answer any questions.

The address is 36A Elm Street in Newbury MA next to Governor's Academy. There are room to rent of you'd like to spend the night and you can check them out too!

Here's a sample of the type of art that we will make. It's a Swedish folk art style called kurbits. If you've already taken a basic kurbits class I will have several other projects that you can choose instead, like the one below, and lots of time to complete! We have a full day of painting, delicious lunch, coffee, flower crowns and more.

You can of course choose to leave sooner than 5 PM, but I wanted to give you lots of time to relax and finish a piece of art that you'll love. We will be using acrylic paints on canvas. I provide all the supplies and food and flowers are included! We will teach you how to make Swedish Midsummer flower crowns and you will look amazing! Like Kenzie (below).

Thanks to my friends and family this dream is coming to fruition. I am very grateful to them all and to Adelynrood who is letting me host my first art retreat there. I am an experienced teacher and it's just so much fun to teach people what I love to do and hear how much they love it! I've heard such great things over the years, this will be the culmination and a great time will be held by all! Sign up here:

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