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Home Swede Home is filled with cars, coffee and books. I used to say kids, but no more 😭 They are both off at college and leaving soon to go back after a short stay for Thanksgiving. I will miss them.

Today my eldest and I made these hearts. They are easy once you get the hang of them. Swedes fill them with candy and hang them on the tree. I love to use them as ornaments or gift toppers, even little gifts. You can learn how to make these too at my studio on 12/9.

It's a nice way to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Use this link to sign up. There will be the Vintage Blomma ornament and this Swedish woven heart taught at the studio at 14 Cedar Street, in Amesbury at 10. Here's that link.

Hope you had a very lovely Thanksgivng with friends and family 🧡 Peace and joy to you all!

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