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In a blink of an eye my artist receptions are almost done! This Sunday will be the last of three receptions this month. It's been years of painting, prep and getting myself to the point where I could actually have enough art to show.

Now I have 28 pieces at the Hamilton-Wenham Public Library 8 beautiful pieces of art Metzy'sCantina and another grouping of ten at the Art Niche at 2 Merrimack St in Haverhill at UMASS' HUB. All are for sale.

Just that was a work of love and I am proud of the art. It's expressive, colorful and whimsical. I'm going to keep honing my skills and learning from mentors like Rebecca Klementovich and Heather Karp whom I am honored to also call my friends.

But for now I'm resting on my laurels for just one teeny second. I'd love to see you this Sunday at Metzy's Cantina from 1 - 3 to help me celebrate! Happy Happy Holidays! Almost there... Almost Christmas! Have a happy one and buy me a drink in Sunday. I'll need one 😄

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