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Cardamom bread

I love baking. This is a treat that that I make for my family and my Swedish art class. It's simple and delicious, but you have to have the time and patience to let it rise. (Which I don't always have.) 😁

This recipe was pulled from the New York Times so I assumed that they knew what they were doing. BUT they didn't mention proofing your yeast and that is important. I never had problems with fresh yeast which rises like a dream, but dry yeast gives me issues. So, make sure to proof it! Did you know that yeast is a living organism? Well it is! So treat with care. Proofing instructions are here

Here is the recipe that I used. It was a richer than the one I normally use because it called for cream, but I figured why not? It was for my kids birthday and my Swedish folk art participants will also get to try it this Friday!

And here's how happy we were to try some this morning! Yummy. Happy Birthday! Grattis! Swedes do birthday breakfast in bed and it's one our favorite parts of bday traditions.

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