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Catch a class or a cup!

Some exciting news - I will be teaching Swedish Folk Art to more people on Wednesday in Holbrook MA. I've put together my "goody bags" and packed the car, I'm excited to show them this fun craft and hopefully everyone will enjoy it. I'm also happy because I'll be having lunch with them at the lodge, yum!

The cat is admiring my new cup I'm bringing them for sale too and I hope that the VASA members might like one. They are for sale on this site in three pretty colors.

Please pray to the technical gods. That's the thing that worries me most! I have a PowerPoint presentation on the history of kurbits that I hope to share with them too. Wish me luck! Tack! Tina 🇸🇪💙

P.s.if you'd like to buy a painting instead of making one this one is for sale ony site now too!

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