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Excited!! 🎉

Really looking forward to seeing friends and showing everyone my new art at the Grog this weekend! It's always kind of exhausting getting everything ready - the framing, pricing, prepping the info, marketing, etc - but then the actual day rolls around and it's super exciting and all worth it! 3pm on Saturday May 6th at 13 Middle Street in Newburyport it will all happen!

This is just a snippet of the art available on the walls here, and I'm offering specials on my box of goodies on 5/6/23 for those of you in my email list. You'll get 10% off of cute little paintings that I will bring with me if you either are in my list or sign up at the show.

I decided to do it all on May 6th, class and artist reception so you may see me eating lunch around 1:30 with the class or at the artist reception at 3. It will be fun either way! Here's more on the class which will be held at my studio before the reception.

Thanks again for supporting me on this journey from amateur to professional. I hope that you'll be inspired to buy a big painting, or a little, for your walls. There'a nothing like real art and I can't wait up share it with you. Also my friend Blair Iris is offering tarot card readings for those of you who want one. She's amazing so definitely take her up on that! Check out @blairirisart on Instagram. She has been so helpful in providing guidance on my latest tarot card paintings. Find the 'Hidden Messages'!

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