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Happy News!

I am so happy to have sold a painting today that I love, and I know that she will love too. It is a paean to the Pink House in the spring. Thank you.

I finally ordered my beautiful beach bag, and I think that you should too so it gets to you by MOTHER'S DAY! Yes, that's coming up folks so here's that link and a picture, wait until you see the bottom of the bag. You are going to love it!

I also got my art porch in shape for the OPEN HOUSE on April 19th and it looks so cute! Please let me know if you'd like to stop by and I'll give you the address. 978-395-5567 or

Classes for kids are opening on 4/26 and that's exciting too! My curriculum is set, and I am all ready to meet you soon! And Swedish Folk Art is on for 4/27 in West Newton at the Scandinavian Living Center, and there's still room for you!

I had a break through with my messy house, I actually filed stuff! And I ordered pots for my upcoming Mother's Day Scandi Pot painting class! I am really looking forward to celebrating motherhood with all moms, whether you be a step mom, daughter, friend, or have a mom. It's all good, we need to take time to have fun and I make this class easy and fun. Sign up below. Thank you.

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