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Let's go to Oregano's!

I plan to be there too to paint my little heart out next Wednesday, April 27 at 6! I hope that you can come by and see me in action as I set up my easel and record a night out on the town. The address is 16 Pleasant St. in downtown Newburyport.

I am looking forward to seeing you on April 27th at Oregano's in Newburyport for my first LIVE demo. Keep your fingers crossed it goes well!

This is my way of launching my new endeavor, which is live painting! I hope to be able to show you what I can do on a night of painting on-site.

Think how much fun it would be to see me paint at your wedding, corporate event, or family function! It's all the rage, and a fun thing for both you to enjoy as an unique form of entertainment and an heirloom piece.

I'm just starting out so prices will be reasonable and it's a great time to hire me for the summer party or wedding that you've got planned. I will be there to show you how I do it, and hope that you love the final results!

My beautiful art show at Oregano's in Newburyport will be up until July 1. If you can't make it next Wednesday, April 27th, I hope that you will stop by for some delicious food and views of the art. Everything is for sale. Thanks, Tina

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