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Thanks for a great time!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

At the "Creative Connections: Contemporary Art by Tina Rawson" reception I really enjoyed connecting with many people. It was a fun night talking about everything under the sun, next to my paintings! I hope that you enjoyed seeing them all, and that you'll reach out to me of something especially caught your eye. This little video encapsulated the art shown, but in order to best get an ideanof how it might live in your home, please contact me.

Big thanks especially to my family. My sister came from New York and my father all the way from Pittsburgh for the reception. It meant the world to me. Family always has. Thankful to my husband too who helps me all the time and to Sarah, Ina and Heloïse who helped me hang the show. It takes a village to hang an art show! 😁

As we enter the holidays I am truly thankful for the chance to make art and share it with you. Thank you for following me and supporting me. If I can help you, let me know. Art makes the best gift! 💖

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Nice post, Tina! You're doing such a great job creating art, and celebrating your life as an artist. It's contagious! I'm happy to share in your journey.

Tina Rawson
Tina Rawson
Dec 29, 2022
Replying to

I'm happy that you are too!! 😍

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