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Congrats Patty!

I pulled Patty's name and she won "Seahorse"! It's a cute little painting with bling on the sides that she will give her granddaughter. I think that it's a great idea to expose children to art. Having paintings in a child's room and around the house exposes them to new ideas and colors. It also validates their own creativity when you treat their art like "real art" by framing and hanging them up.

I have a September Sale going on now!! Please hop on over for these pretty paintings all on sale in September! Until 9/30 in the .

You'll be happy that you did. 😊 One holiday gift out of the way! And if you see something special that's not on sale please let me know. I'll have another round of sale paintings and might just add it to the list!

Also please come to my OPEN Studio! It's at 14 Cedar Street in Amesbury on the third floor, #319B, and I'll be there both days. Thanks!

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